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SHRED EVENT (10/3/2018)
Saturday, October 29th from 9-12 OR until the truck is full - it is a first come first served event. You do have to wait until your shredding is done, they will return your box.
Contact: Nicole, 6105390999,

HALLOWEEN (10/3/2018)
If you would like to give out candy this year on Halloween, please notify the office. We are going to give the kids a map of which buildings and units will be handing out candy!!!
Contact: Nicole, 6106310881,

How to post an item:
If you would like to post an item , then please contact us.
You can bring off your written posting to our office or email it to us and we will post it for you. You can also include a photograph if you'd like (must be provided in digital format).

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